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Reviews for Dr. Salvatore Romano

  • I was very happy with the knowledgeable and thorough exam Dr. Romano provided. Thanks very much!
    - Yvette K.
  • Had a wonderful first time experience!
    - Lucie S.
  • True professional excellent treatment.
    - Barry M.
  • Dr. Romano is very knowledgeable and professional. I have a lot of confidence in him that he will be able to help me.
    - Jimmy M.
  • Feeling improvement after just one visit! I could not be happier!
    - Lauri L.
  • Was very satisfied with the level of professionalism. I am doing much better than I was and am looking forward to the doctor helping me get “straight” again.
    - Lori F.
  • So glad I found your practice. I’m feeling great improvement after my first visit and looking forward to my next appointment.
    - Kim K.
  • Dr. Romano saw me as an emergency patient. He was thorough, kind and extremely helpful!
    -Jodi H.
  • Much better experience than what I’ve had with other. He earned my business.
    -Nick T.
  • Dr. Romano was excellent! He explained everything that he was doing, and he was personable with a great bedside manner. I would highly recommend him!
    - April T.
  • Very nice front desk staff and Chiropractor. I will definitely return for more adjustments in the future.
    - Bryan W.
  • My first visit was excellent!
    - Dimaria C.
  • It was great to find Dr. Romano. He is just the kind of chiropractor that my husband and I were looking for and he gave us what we needed.

    - Fern W.
  • Every aspect of my visit was just perfect!
    - Michael G.
  • We are very happy with the care given. Would recommend your services to friends and family.
    - Jeff M.
  • The staff and the Dr Romano were very nice and got me in to see him the same day I called!
    - Jessica M.
  • I am blown away by how effectively I was treated.
    - Susan F.
  • Great first experience all around! Front desk associate was kind and helpful. The Dr. is proficient and helpful.
    - Heather H.

I Am So Happy With My Visit

I am so happy with every aspect of my visit with Dr Romano. He is so knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Dr Romanos staff are on point. Very helpful and super friendly. I had a great experience and look forward to healing.

- Lyn M.

Super Friendly Staff

Super friendly staff, Doctor takes his time explaining the case, gives a lot of exercises and routines to do at home, very professional, knowledge, and eager to help to make you feel better. No one tries to sell you any packages none of that, Dr. Is looking for your best interest, fix you, so you can heal and get back in the gym.

- Ehab A.

You Have a New Patient For Life!

I am so very glad that my friends, Lori & Rob and Mark Streisfeld told me about Dr. Romano...WOW!!! I wish I would have come a long time ago. I had both of my knees totally replaced, at the same time, and was told that my hips and walk (gait) were all off-kilter. After my first visit, I felt like a brand new person!!! I am feeling fantastic and walking so much better, even my posture has improved!!! I can't thank you enough, Dr. Salvatore Romano!!! Also, thank you, Michelle, for being so professional and pleasant, you have made me feel so welcome!!! You have a new patient for life!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! See you again later today!!!

- Jeannie M.

Very Positive First Impression

It was a first time visit via United HealthCare Network provider. My first impression was very positive. The staff was very kind and courteous. The doctor listened and I felt he diagnosed and evaluated the problem well. I will definitely be going back!

- Faisal H.

I Feel Good

I was in a tremendous amount of pain and the doctor fit me in even though his day was packed with clients. Dr Romano was honest and upfront about the treatment plan and I feel good about my recovery process.

- David K.

Great Work!

Michelle was lovely & I appreciate her squeezing me in for my first appointment as I was in desperate need of an adjustment. Dr. Sal was very nice & I enjoyed his technique and received immediate relief. Keep up the great work!

- Jodi S.

Excellent Chiropractor

I was in need for a lot of help due to the fact of my seizures. For the first time Dr. Romano worked on me for 10- 15 minutes. The following day I noticed that my seizures started to decreased. I was so grateful my friend introduced me to Dr. Romano. Dr. Romano is very skilled and talented with his work. He is one excellent Chiropractor!!

-Holly H.

An Appointment That Afternoon!

I called in the morning in excruciating pain. I was given an appointment for that afternoon! Everyone was so friendly and empathetic to my pain. I was examined, adjusted, had some electric stimulation with heat and today I still have some pain but I am not crying. I have to go back again today, I was told it would take a few adjustments but if I feel this much better after one adjustment I am looking forward to getting another one today. I am so happy my brother referred me to this office.

-Dianne S.

Listened Carefully

I'm happy with the courtesy and kindness of the office staff and Doctor Romano's. No waiting time. Dr. Romano listened carefully and explained thoroughly the treatment needed. Excellent.

-Julio B.

Immediate Relief

Dr. Romano successfully aligned my back! Was immediately relieved and in much better shape than when I hobbled in! Going back for 2 times a week until I am 100%. After that will return once a month to maintain good health. Thanks Dr. Romano! Love the pack you gave me. You can't find them in stores and is my favorite muscle reliever!

-Gail B.

Alleviated My Initial Complaint

Even the first session substantially alleviated my initial complaint. It also kept me from needing dangerous and probably ineffective medications.

-Matthew P.


From a life long user of chiropractic service this doctor and staff really understands how to treat the patient. Both thumbs up for them!

-John C.


Dr. Romano was fantastic. I literally could not stand up straight and struggled to walk. I left walking upright, much less stiff, and the pain level was greatly reduced.

-Doreen G.

Thank You

It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Romano and staff. Thank you all for the professionalism and courteous of you and your staff.

-Kathy K.

Best Chiropractor

Best chiropractor I have ever seen. Adjustments are so smooth and not painful like other places.

-Shibani C.

Great Staff

I enjoy how we talk about my concern and history and was immediately adjusted. I felt Dr. Sal was genuine. Straight to the point and great staff.

-Dave L.


It is wonderful to finally find someone who actually listened to my problems, symptoms, and complaint, who then did simple tests to confirm what I had said and had a plan for treatment that will relieve or reduce my pain.

-Amy D.


I don't believe I've ever been so welcomed as a first time patient. I was especially nervous because I had never seen a chiropractor before. Dr. Romano made me feel very comfortable and explained everything so I knew exactly how chiropractics work. It was more than informative it was a mini lesson on how the nerves in your body function. I was blown away that a doctor would take the time to do that. Also a first was the welcome letter I received in the mail just a few days after my appointment. Dr. Romano and staff really know what they are doing when it comes to making ones appointment feel that more personal.

-Dana S.

Experience Very Beneficial

As a first time chiropractic patient and natural skeptic, my concerns were that I would be listened to so that I could properly communicate the issues I was having, in order to best help me. Dr. Romano took a lot of time with me, just listening to my history, and I found the overall experience very beneficial. I am very hopeful that he will help relieve my pain.

-Michael S.

Very Attentive & Super Professional

I want to thank Dr. Romano for his tremendous help after only 2 sessions. My neck is so much better and we are also working on my shoulder, I will keep going to his medical office for a while. I knew I needed this but I was really, extremely afraid to go. A friend of mine that I trust, strongly recommended him. He is very attentive and super professional. Thanks a lot.

-Tina S.

Informational & Effective

My first visit was very informational and effective. Dr. Romano explained everything very well and I am already feeling benefits from his practice. I look forward to seeing my neck and back recover through his practice!

-Leah B.